“Meet new school old school crooner BSKi, (pronounced “bee-skee”) with a touch Jamiroquai and neo-soul, it’s the pure poetry he’s writing that takes his sound to another level…” -Elevtrtrax.com

Brian Collazo, also known as BSKi is a singer and songwriter based in New York City. The first generation “Nuyorican” grew up in Haverstraw, NY listening to his father play guitar and sing classic boleros by the likes of Rafael Hernandez and Trío Vegabajeño. 

His own music blends R&B, Funk & Hip-Hop with latin rhythms in a style he half-jokingly refers to as “Sancocho Funk” (sancocho=stew or gumbo), adding a tongue-in-cheek lyrical approach for a uniquely personal sound.

BSKi’s new single “You’re a Dream (to Wake Up to) is a modern spin on a particular brand of mid-tempo bouncy R&B, remniscent of Anita Baker or Al B. Sure. Equal parts love song and ode to morning sex ("You're a dream to wake up to. I can never trust my eyes; I have to touch you"), the track features soulful vocals and lush, layered harmonies inspired by Jam & Lewis's work with Janet Jackson & New Edition.